Victoria Lynnette Lacy


My Dearest Daughter,   I hope you have found peace and realized that you were greatly loved.  I'm sorry you felt that I didn't love you, but that was not the case.  I loved you more than life itself and I still love you.  I tried to show you and help you to be strong, the warrior that I knew you were.  I hope that you forgive me for not seeing the things that hurt you sooner than I did.  And I hope you understand that the things that I did do was my way of trying to protect you after I found out.  I hope that you get your Karma worked out so you don't have to come back here and repeat this life over.  I hope that all the lessons you needed to learn you have succeeded at.  I don't plan on coming back here once I leave, I am working diligently on clearing all my karmic debt so I can move forward into the next life unemcumbered.  Know that I love you and I am proud to have had you as my daughter.  You are missed by your children and the rest of your family!  I love you always,  Mom